This Old House

A little girl can get pretty bored all alone in a big old house… 

SO she does a FASHION SHOOT!!!
 Old books hold all the knowledge.
 Love my "C'est la vie" shirt and pocket watch necklace!
 Even lovely Lady joined in on the modeling! She's a show dog so it was second nature for her.
This necklace is really a vintage ring I got in Portland. Unfortunately it kind of broke, so I made it a necklace instead!
I am always very vintage, and I realized that so is my house. We have a lot of old family relics (not including my parents) that are really beautiful. I love dressing like it's October all year, and really went for a fallen-leaves kind of color pallet. I adore these socks from Free People, and my gorgeous shoes by Enzo Angiolini. Wonderful accents complete an outfit. 

Today I took a history final and want to leave you with this:
I love history. It is the story of people, brave and strong, who lived and loved in better and worse times than ours. It is of all the broken minds and wandering souls that ever endured this earth. 
I rejoice in the past, because I love my present.

In this look: 
shirt-- J. Crew
skirt-- Nordstrom
socks-- Free People
shoes-- Nordstrom
hat-- Nordstrom