Tea in the Garden

 My dear friends and I decided to throw a little tea party. My absolute favorite thing to do, I wanted to share with you all our beautiful day in the garden.

 Flower wreaths are so perfect. Little goodies we put together include bread, butter (which I didn't eat), coconut macaroons, date bars, sprouts, and gf crackers. You don't have to be a baker to make an adorable party! :) 
I had 5 pots of tea……… officially obsessed! :D
 The beautiful Aliyah herself-- artist at work. She took almost all of the photos (the really good ones at least) in this post. Lover and style queen, Aliyah spends her days looking through the camera lense, listening to awesome music, and reading her collection of books. xoxo 
 I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!!! As they are totally the trend right now, I am far too mainstream-- though I couldn't care less. These beautiful flowers litterally explode with joy and always brighten my day.
 If you didn't know, I have a total thing for overalls. They are perfect for relaxing on a boho day under the sun. I paired it with an Urban Outfitters crop top and Abercrombie and Fitch flannel. xoxo
 Tea for two and two for tea-- a boy for you, a girl for me! 
Parties are better with friends <3 
And of course, I had to construct a flower crown. I am in love with spring and beautiful sunny skies and flowers everywhere. Usually a winter/fall gal, this is a pleasant surprise, and I am picking (and planting) flowers everywhere I go.

Love love love, love is all you need.
And a pot of tea or two… xoxoxoxo
Happy weekend lovelies!


Photo creds: Aliyah Zweig.