I love you mom

Happy Mother's day darlings!
Beautiful card from the Gum Tree in Hermosa-- an amazing little Australian store-- and made by Rifle Paper. Made 100% out of recycled paper; the perfect card for the woman who taught me how to put on lipstick!

Mothers are incredible. I am amazed that anyone can go through the pain of birth, and then handle every tantrum, diper, headache, cold, and fever for years to come. My goodness I'd have a breakdown! 

My mother is really something. I cannot explain her brilliance without going on for hours so I will try to summarize. 
She's my sister and my mentor and everything I've ever wanted to be. A beautiful and firey exlosion of 5"2'. One of the strongest people I've ever known, and the best. She is far too nice to people who don't deserve her love, and gives so much more than she recieves. 

We will be performing together soon, and though I know she will upstage me so much, I don't mind and cannot wait! She's the most talented singer I have honestly ever heard, and I love her more than anything.
If I ever do anything good with my life, it will be because of you.
Thank you mom, and every mom.