We only want to be happy-- interview on how to live happily

A big theme that has been traveling around my part of the world—especially the younger population—is the concept and idea of being happy. We seem to always be seeking the next road to happiness and the newest way to appease our insatiable desires for achievement of joy.
Being happy is one of the most simple, yet complicated things in this world. Yet it is something everyone wants. I did a little interview with one of my favorite darlings on this earth—meet Annie, a graduating senior, and a fantastic human being. I really admire how bright and at peace with her world she is, and wanted to inspect some of her philosophy on happiness in life.

Eyes shining like large crystal gems, Annie’s relaxed grin showers the room with light as she begins to tell me how she has come to happiness over the years. 
“It wasn’t easy. It took a long time, and a lot of learning.” 
Annie explains that in order to be a happy person, you need to think not of yourself, and your immediate problems all the time, but of others and their needs. She says that the “most important thing a person can do is to serve other people,”
 an experience she found in not just community service, but working at a local coffee shop. Once she was able to “serve” her customers, she says that she treated people differently, and was able to really appreciate those who serve her.

She’s such a calm and collected person, it was no surprise to me when she expanded on the idea of being “flexible and able to go with the flow.”
This isn’t just some hippie term to describe the circle of life, but a way to deal with obstacles that appear every moment of every day. 
“You can’t let the unexpected stop you. Everything that happens, all the struggles, will make you a better person because they happened.”
She, like myself and I’m sure many of you, makes lists of things she wants to accomplish each day. But the difference is, I am frustrated when I don’t get everything done, and Annie says she doesn’t let it bother her. 
“Do things that you think will fulfill you in your life. If someone needs me, I make time for him or her; I put him or her first. Whatever responsibilities you have to face, you can deal with later.”
Annie also expands that she thinks happiness is “being able to explore.” 
She wants to travel and try everything and live out all over her passions to the fullest extent. A life of actively doing what you love is definitely filled of happiness, and I love her point of exploring the world. I think we all get very bogged down with all of the problems and trials we are put through, and forget about the blessings. 

I say that “being happy” is being able to release the upsets and chaos, and to live in love with it all. I’ve been worrying a bit too much about the many issues of the world and how I can possibly fix them all. But all I can really do is fix me. I can fix me to start, and then try to expand on others. But being overwhelmed will not accomplish anything. One of Annie’s main points was not to let the failures while pursuing your passions make you quit.

I found this very applicable to my life right now as the year is coming to an end and all the grades are going in and everyone is STRESSING OUT. 
“No one’s going to remember your grades. They’ll remember how you treated people.”
I love this bit of insight the most, because we are all so focused on letters and numbers of approval. But really, who’s going to care or remember? Of course you should strive to achieve the very best you can—and slacking is NOT what we are talking about—but you should remember not to inflict yourself with anxiety if you aren’t perfect.

Happiness means so many things… and if you’re lost, trust me, so is everyone else. But that’s not always a bad thing. Half of the journey is searching for the right way to go. I’m learning each day how to be truly happy every day. It’s really a choice. and to see the love and beauty in lie. You really can release the stress and darkness from your already straining shoulders and instead see the love and beauty in life. Our world is truly wonderful—despite the countless quirks. I wish for you all to take time to enjoy it.

We create our own happiness.xoxo