We Can Be Heroes

Though nothing can keep us together, we can defeat them forever and ever.
Oh we can be heroes, just for one day.
We can be heroes forever and ever…
What d'you say?

Loving David Bowie's Heroes right now (on my playlist here), is totally an anthem for my trip to the rainy city of Seattle. I shared my adventures in the previous post, but here is a fashion shoot for the first day of the trip. I adore this dress that I grabbed from Crossroads Trading Co. in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago. It is gorgeous and actually quite comfy! It's by American Rag and looks great with just about any accessories. 
I have loved being in the city, but am happy to be going back to my little town in SoCal today. I'll miss the rain… 

in this look:
dress-- American Rag
shoes-- Dr. Martens
jacket-- J. Crew
hat-- Nordstrom