Portlandia-- Spring break pt2

 Funky little city.

 The second part of my spring break was spent in a glorious day in Portland. That morning, we left Olympia where we had been staying (beautiful town!) and got coffees at the Olympia Coffee Roasters-- a small business in town with very good drinks and a very authentic environment. We felt just like locals!
We traveled, coffees in hand, and finally reached Portland.
 Very rainy and totally bizarre, I love the people, places, and crazy things in this groovy town.
My very talented cousin works at a gallery in the Pearl District called Blue Sky, where well known and acclaimed contemporary photographers share their works. 
There is so much art and culture here. You can just people watch and have it be like a trip to the museum!
 The entire city was in bloom and it was wonderful to be walking around in little pink petals. xoxo
 We went to a local hot spot, and hit the shops along 23rd street. Really great vintage stores there, and I snagged a few goodies at a really rocking shop called 3 Monkeys. A must see!
 I really love the old style buildings and incorporation of nature. There were a lot of beautiful trees and parks in-between streets of brick buildings. Very cool.
We also made a stop in the famous Powel's Book Store. It was… a big overwhelming… Huge. About 10 rooms all filled with books. I think it was several stories too. Of course I just started piling books into my arms without care or sensor. So many French and cooking books! I recommend also stopping in there if you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Portland.
 Peace out Portland! After seeing a truly miraculous performance by the Oregon Ballet Theater, their show Celebrate was dedicated to retiring principle dancer Alison Roper, we said goodnight to the city. 

The next day… 

was departure day, a sad but satisfying end to our adventure. We got up early and headed once more to the airport.
 I'm  waiting for a plane to come and take me away
somewhere no one can ever know me
Somewhere amongst the clouds… 
 Hello again, Cali!
Ah home again. I have to say that this was a wonderful journey, and that I must go up north again very soon. I cannot get over the beauty of everything up there, massive forest and perfect dreamy skies of grey. 
The dream of the 90's is alive in Portland!
West coast is where it's at, baby. Hah…
Love you all, and I hope you're all excited and ready for May!!!
<3 <3 <3
Don't ever stop the adventure.