Love being Lost

I love being lost because that's what makes me young
Let's just take a moment here to notice how I almost look like a normal teen for once…
I actually really tried being a casual, jeans (I seriously love these quirky polka-dots) and tee shirt (a faded "Merci" is repeated on the front) teen today, but I'm not really sure if it worked. Anyway, I've thought a lot about trying to fit in, and though I have given up long ago, I still kinda want to feel like I belong somewhere.

But I really enjoy being different. I love to watch other people my age and say "no, I'm not like them. But I love who I am." It's all about embracing the individual-- not the masses. Instead of worrying about being found, I'm going to embrace being lost instead. This is the time we are able to wander and be crazy and freak out and be free. There will come a time when the wandering is over, so we should savor every windy path we take.

Just one more week till spring break!!! Hang in there darlings!
Loving life <3 <3 <3
In this look:
Jeans-- Gap
shirt-- J. Crew
shoes-- Keds