Life is beautiful-- adventure 1 of SB

 *Life is Beautiful*
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Lovelies Tanner and Annie <3
.Live wild and live long.
Frolic through a field or two
.Look around, because every moment is another dream come true.

Spring Break adventure #1

Today was… Magical. My fabulous friends and I took an Ojai trip and were complete tourists. First, we made a stop at the best outdoor book shop ever called Bart's Books and purchased wonderful classics for our collections. We then drove all the way up into the mountains and ate a delicious dinner of sushi and macaroons overlooking the valley. 
Then, coming down the mountains and returning home, we passed by the gorgeous Ojai  meadows and just had to stop! I must say that it was one of the most picturesque places I'd ever gone to and was in photographer heaven! I felt like I was in a scene from Pride and Prejudice!!! I couldn't believe it. 
The end of our day was spent playing cards and laughing our heads off. I love life… Sometimes I forget that, but truly, life is beautiful. 
Have a great Monday lovelies

In this look:
dress-- Forever21
shirt-- Abercrombie
purse-- vintage
necklace-- vintage
hat-- Nordstrom