Golden Beet and Red Chard flatbread

I have finally had a moment to breathe, and decided to treat myself to a little decadency for dinner. I took an idea I have been obsessed with at every organic restaurant I go, and am in love with beets on pizzas. Their light but rich flavor adds the perfect hint of sweet and bright healthy goodness. It really is like adding a pop of color to your black and white palate. 

 I took a rice tortilla instead of pizza crust, and created a flat bread or open face sandwhich. You could easily make this vegetarian by taking out the meat, but may have to do a bit of manuvering for vegan. By replacing the goatcheese with nondairy cheeses, you can create a wonderful flatbread of your own that's animal product free!

Ok, so the recipe:
goat cheese
1 organic golden beet
organic red chard leaves
organic beef
organic avocado
rice tortilla

Sautee the chard and beets (chopped into small pieces) in a large sautee pan with olive oil on medium heat. The chard will cook pretty quickly, while the beets will take a while longer (about 15-20 mins). At the same time, in a small frying pan, cook patted down ground organic beef till it is no longer red in the center. You can chop this meat up into small pieces later or smush it down while cooking. When your vegetables and meat are done, set them aside.
Get out a tortilla and crumble goat cheese on the surface. Now add your meat and veggies in spread out and small amounts across the tortilla. On top of that, add sliced avocado. Cut the flatbread like a pizza for easier eating!

This is a great snack to go with lots of homework, and it fools you into thinking you are eating a pizza, when really enjoying vitamin packed vegetables and really beneficial ingredients.

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy xoxo
Lovey FlemingFoodies!