Bunny Brunch

We shall be dining with the Rabbits tonight, in the garden! 

 It's much better to have rainbow food than brown all the time. You don't see many bunnies with cholesterol problems! Haha!

This Easter, I made a lovely dish of only 3 colorful ingredients. It is a perfect feast for bunnies (and humans too) to enjoy for a light lunch around Easter time (since I'm a day late as usual). 

All organic and very healthful, I hope you enjoy my simple little recipe fit for a whole garden of Easter rabbits! xoxo

 I think carrots are absolutely beautiful and would totally just have leafy carrots as my center piece! 
 3 organic carrots
1-2 organic orange or yellow bell pepper
1-2 organic golden beets
sea salt
olive oil
curry/turmeric powder (optional)

Put the vegetables in a bowl in your sink and wash them well with water, hand scrubbingβ€”or use vegetable wash. Once they are all clean and dried, chop the carrots into small round pieces (or slice into thin strips) and put them aside. Then cut up the bell pepper into medium thick strips and set aside with the carrots. Now cut up the beets so that it makes thin, round slices. On medium heat, heat up a skillet or pot and add in two tablespoons of coconut oil. Once heated a little, add in the vegetables and mix around till they are evenly distributed.
Here you can add your salt and turmeric or curry powder, unless you would rather do that when they are all done.

Cook for about 10-15 minutes and check to see if a piece is penetrable easily with a fork. Then take them all out and serve on you’re brightest dish for a really stunning display of color.
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!
Lovey FlemingFoodies!