Avocado Mask-- Naturally Beautiful

Now THIS is an All Natural Moisturizer… 
Avocado is amazing. Just a beautiful fruitable-- fruit or vegetable? I personally put avocado on everything I eat, but was extremely impressed when I put it on my face!
Avocado has natural oils that are amazing for your insides, but also act as a great moisturizing treatment for your outsides! 
I have super oily skin, so when I get a pimple, I apply acne topical. Overnight, I become way too dry and peel for the next few days. Then I put moisturizer cream on and get too oily, then pimples come, then its the same vicious cycle all over again.
I want to try a moisturizer that won't make me break out again. Something new, something actually natural, with no chemicals at all. Something pure. Maybe this is it!

Avocado masks are ridiculously easy to make. Just take a whole avocado (Organic please!), slice it in half, scoop out the green meat, and mash it in a bowl. Then apply it to your face or dry skin areas and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with water and a gentle face cloth, pat your face dry, and you're skin should feel great and look all glowing and beautiful!

 I LOVED the way the mask felt the second I put it on. Since my face has gotten so dry that I can hardly move it, I felt a tingling sensation and even my skin start to loosen. Simple heaven. I know I look slightly like a monster, but I feel like a princess!
Gorgeously Green!
Let me know what you're favorite natural mask is in a comment below!
(Photo creds: Olivia Fleming-- moi)
<3 Vegetables are the new flowers <3