This shoot is very much inspired by the amazing albulm His Young Heart by Daughter. Obsessed with her smoky voice and haunting songs, she inceasingly captures my moods and emotions. 
I totally love the forest and the whimsical day dreams that live there. I devised my own little tea party with a few guests and a book of fairy tales. I have always seen magic within the trees, and completely believe that little fluttering beings are hiding between the branches. Out here, it is a place of my childhood, and I cherish the times I spend under a canopy of sunlit leaves.

This outfit is so brilliant because it is extremely simple and virtually effortless to put together. Dress + vintage jean jacket always makes the perfect combination. I wore brown fishnets and my favorite oxford shoes to give it an old-fashioned twist. 

Won't stop running till we reach the sun
In this look:
jacket-- INC
dress-- Forever21
shoes-- Nordsrom