White Teeth Teens

 We are not white teeth teens…
My best friend Kaci and I decided (well maybe I decided) to get all dressed up and do a photoshoot. She is too cute. My model, dressed in a black tutu from Urban Outfitters, destroyed jeans, black oxfords, and a super cute bowler hat, turned out to be a natural.

I went for a very punk, rocker teen look, and paired a crop top with high wasted jeans. A flannel around your waist is somehow a new trend, and I certainly felt teenagery. I sported a US Marine tag-- a gift and symbol of bravery from someone very close to me. This edgy look isn't my every day style, which is exactly why I wanted to do it.

I love Lorde's song White Teeth Teens, where she talks about all the other teenagers around her. I've just never found myself to be like any other people my age. When Kaci and I get together, we watch old French movies and talk about society and science and college and just the world in general. 

We dream of being scholars and at the top of our profession, having coffee in Paris. We're unconventional in almost every way. And we love it. 

So we are not white teeth teens. But that makes us all the more wonderful.
In this look:
flannel-- Abercrombie and Fitch
jean jacket-- J. Crew
jeans-- Abercrombie and Fitch
top-- Urban Outfitters
shoes-- Doc Martens