Under Pressure

A letter to the stressed:

Stress has been sucking the life out of me… 
As the high school year gets longer, as do the assignments. Dear teenage friends-- hang in there just a little while longer. 

Stress is bad… Bad for your health, and very bad for skin. And as much as it kills me to say this, my skin isn't faring as well as it was a few weeks ago. My amazing diet can only do so much. If hormones and raging worries start to interfere, well the outcome is a pestering pattern of pimples.

It's a really good idea to try and relax now and then, or at least take things one task at a time. As far as grades go, remind yourself that all you can really control is the effort you put into it. Just focus, work hard, and if the result is failure, well, you did what you could. (Advice I rarely ever take…) 

But also, today is the first day of lent! And whether you celebrate it or not, I think it is a splendid idea to take out a few certain health distructing ingredients of your diet-- dairy, gluten, wheat, and sugar. Or maybe just take that one at a time too ;). But I implore you to try and make an adjustment if you are having even more skin troubles. I know it really helped me, and I would love to hear a new testimony soon. xoxo (check out The Story for more on my diet transformation).

Don't forget that gf and vegan cookies are still on-limits! You may find that a cup of tea and a cookie will help a lot when cramming for an in-class essay due the next morning (I speak from experience).

Remember that everything you are doing now is preparing you for your big wonderful future. Beautiful luck to all of you, and give yourself at least 45 mins of down time each day. 

Inspirational and thoughtful photos for your amusement:
Photo creds-- me <3

It'll all be ok in the morning...