Sour can be Sweet (health tips with lemon)

 Hello!!! Today, I am thrilled to share with you a health tip that is extremely beneficial and also very very easy. 
 Lemons are very good for you. But also very acidic…
They can erode your teeth, be too intense for digestion, and lemonade isn't exactly the purest liquid… 

But used correctly, lemons can be a cleansing utensil for your liver and other digestive tract. This, in turn, benefits and helps to clear your skin!

 So you take one organic lemon, and cut it in half. Then, squeeze the juice into a glass and fill it with hot or cold water. Stir the mixture and drink up! 
Try not to cheat by adding sugar-- this is not meant to be lemonade! xoxo

See? Easy! Do this every morning and in no time, you will have a purified body. Be sure to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after though, so no negative effects occur. We only allow positive things to happen at Obeautiful. :)
Live long and prosper, darlings.
Hope you all see the sweet sides of the sour ones this week. 
Lovey FlemingHealth