Roses (New Original Song by ME)

By Lovey Fleming
Video by Zach Spurling
I cannot tell you how excited I am to share my new song and official music video with you all! It has been such a great year of writing and recording, and I am incredibly blessed to have found my passion for music so early in my life. 
This song is especially dear to me, and is my favorite one I have written so far. Titled "Roses", it tells a story of a whimsical daydream I had one day, and decided to write down in a little diary. It's about feeling lost and alone in this vast world, but knowing in your heart that you will be strong and powerful some day. If music is artistic expression, then this would be a very ominous and beautiful impressionist painting. 

"We danced the waltz to the silence of the room
and all the world was roses
in full bloom"

Hope you all like my song, and check it out on youtube here! xoxo
Have a dreamy Saturday