I Am Free

Let the wind run through my hair and I will stand free on the mountain, above the black tips of the forest.
I will throw my arms to the heavens and embrace the sun.
Be swept away and lose myself in time with no way of return
Be a symbol of truth and hope for others who are voiceless in the dark.
I want to see for miles
Race down this endless highway
Be in the world and of the world
And live for what I love, because I am free.

I did this shoot to capture what I believe to be the essence of Free People. I have been a big fan of their style and store for a while, and am so excited to have entered a contest they are promoting. Fingers crossed!

But it really is an amazing thing to be free. There are so many people in this world who do not know this blessing, and I encourage all of us to feel incredibly grateful for our freedom every day. 

I love going totally vintage and tried to capture a very 70's vibe. This amazing vest is around 60 or 50 years old, and I am so excited to wear this beautiful piece.
Hope everyone is loving life xoxo

In this look:
dress-- Forever21
vest-- vintage
hat-- Chicwish