Living Organic-- what and why

Here is a rather long, but very important and informative message from me to you about Organic food and why it is vital to our health and lives that we make the Organic switch. 
Hope you all enjoy!

Do you like strawberries? Well who doesn’t! But a study from found that there are 13 different pesticides in a single strawberry. Imagine how many you consume in each handful of delicious berries…
Now, have you ever liked or at least been to McDonalds? If you’re American, I’m sorry, but it’s almost impossible not to have gone there at least once. And for those who are a regular customer, take heed. A study on states that Nuggets are only 50% chicken… The other half is completely made of chemicals closely linked to cancer… So every time you take a juicy, crunchy bite, you’re just thiiiiis close to dying…
Excess chemicals and toxins in food are causing many health problems across the world, and people want change. There is change happening—Organic Connect Magazine’s organic survey said that now 39% of teens have been choosing organic. I would love to think that this number was a result of my blog, but nonetheless, it is a wonderful improvement. Needless to say, I was ahead of the game, going completely organic about five years ago. I can honestly testify that it has completely changed the way I live and even how I perceive food. It has cleansed all of me and I am so happy I made the commitment to a healthy life.

But, what is Organic? The USDA definition says that organic means food production without the use of chemicals or antibiotics and maintains the environment. So not only is organic farming good for those who consume it, but it’s better for the earth! Without those toxins to keep pests out, we are not polluting the soil. Organic farmers also use crop rotations frequently so that the same crop does not dry out the soil.
It seems common sense that farming should be one of the most natural practices, so why have chemicals become such a big part of it? Non-Organic farmers promise that the toxins and chemicals will be beneficial to the production of crops and meat, making it cheaper and faster to produce food. This may be true, but that pesticide that just killed that bug on a farm is now going inside of you! To me, this is a bit scary, and I’d rather much have a less perfect and a bit nibbled apple, than one that is sprayed and prodded with toxins. It really is a game of Pick Your Poison. But not only that it’s incredibly better for you, organic food (produce especially) just tastes better! I can tell instantly the difference between a real (organic) blueberry and a fake (non-organic) blueberry.

People always say that Organic products are way too expensive, but this is mainly because non-Organic farmers are given subsides or grants from companies and the government so their prices can be lower. Organic farmers have to do it all by themselves and so their prices are higher to sustain their business. And the thing is, if we all just buy Organic products, the prices will go lower! We have the power.
I really want to express the importance of organic meat. Daily, tons of antibiotics and hormones are injected into livestock to make them bigger, more mature, less susceptible to disease, and produce more. But then when we consume the meat, those excess antibiotics and hormones are transferred to us—making our systems faster and more mature. And then when we take antibiotic medicine, our bodies are virtually immune to it and reject the helpful properties, and the negative are expressed. My system rejected the overload of antibiotics through my skin and acne. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my journey, check out the page “the Story”. Animals and livestock also suffer very harsh and cruel living condition which the organic farmers do not tolerate. So not only are you saving your health, but also those sweet little cows and piggies and chickens. (Ignoring the fact that they are then slaughtered in the end)…
Organic standards do not allow the use of GMOs in the production of their food as well. The USDA checks out farms and makes sure they are treating the land and animals according to regulation. For me, there is no other options than Organic, but for those who let their griping interfere with their decision, are you prepared to risk your health for convenience, or your life for a few dollars less? Because though non-organic food is cheaper now, it will ultimately come back to you in medical bills and trying to cure health problems that resulted from your eating habits.
We are what we eat—inside and out.
So what do you want to be?

xoxo Live and Love your Organic Life xoxo

Lovey FlemingHealth