Thrive-- going from Surviving to Thriving

How can we go from just Surviving, to Thriving?
Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement project thinks he's found an answer. 

Origionally, I came to watch this movie on recommendation of a very intellectual and health guru friend. But what I discovered was that this film had opened my eyes to every topic I was most interested in. Science, the food and health crisis, major problems in our society, economics, and how to make the world a sustainable and harmonious place for all. 

My favorite part is the in-depth discussion of the importance of organic farming and the consequences of Genetically Modified food. I also loved their argument of how the big companies are controlling the economy in America and how all of the power then goes to a select few families at the top of the hierarchy.

I really emplore everyone to take a look at this video and share it with friends. Whether you're into conspiracies or not it is just interesting to see their take on some of the biggest problems of our world.

(Note for the more conservative viewer: you might want to skip forward through the first few parts of the movie about Extra Terrestrials-- thought it's super cool if you're into that!… The rest of it is very important and interesting for everyone to hear.)

I'd say this is a great viewing option for a cloudy night just like this one! Cozy up and let the mysteries of our world unfold. I hope you are all inspired and empowered to get out there and create solutions for each and every one of the people on this earth. 
Enjoy and Thrive

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