Sea Side

You and me, side by side, at the sea side
I only go to the beach when the sea and the sky are the same dark grey color. 
The clouds here have been fantastic and I was so thrilled to take a trip down to Mailibu with friends this weekend. We hit Neptune's Net, an adorable little burger place right off the beach that is a hot spot for locals, tourists, lots of bikers, and celebs alike! Then took a walk, drunk in the scenery, and watched the water. Was it freezing? a little :) But did it matter? of course not ;)

This outfit is compiled of many new birthday gifts and also many old relics of my closet. Shorts, shoes (beautiful loafers that I love sooo much!!!) and tee (that says MERCI though you can't see it with the ocean lighting) are all wonderful surprises from my birthday. But the jacket (my grandfather's military jacket) sweater, and Ralph Lauren button up are on the more vintage side. 

But what a truly beautiful day!
Happy Sunday xoxo

shorts:Urban Outfitters
tee: J. Crew
Shoes: Nordstrom
Cardigan: Brooks Brothers
button up: Ralph Lauren