Blue Bunny

Love this shirt. Bunnies on Bicycles!!! Hooray!
How adorable is this shirt??? Ok I'll move on… <3

I love Los Olivos, and this was an especially perfect trip this week. The town just has such character. 

I adore these overalls. So comfy and cute! I went for a very two toned theme, trying to match the rest of the pieces with my cardigan. Dark green shoes and navy shirt. I felt very boho western, which totally describes the aura of this little one street town. 

Love all things vintage and quirky. 
Have a beautiful weekend all <3

In this look:
shirt-- Urban Outfitters
overalls-- Urban Outfitters
cardigan-- Urban Outfitters
(jeez I shopt there a lot…)
shoes-- Ziggi Girl
hat-- Nordstrom
Lovey FlemingStyle in Spades