Trail Mix Recipe

I adore this little guy-- an amazing gift from very dear friends. It's a measuring cup/owl!!! Brilliant!

Trail mix is beautiful-- especially when homemade. So much better for you than a protien/food bar (for the most part) because there are no added sugars or syrups and you control what goes into it. Plus it's fun to make.

For my trailmix, I mixed all of my favorite nuts and dried fruits together:
- organic walnuts
-organic macadamian nuts
-organic cashews
-organic unsweetened coconut flakes
-organic raw sunflower seeds
-organic Gogi berries-- a fantastic superfood
-organic raisins
(and my favorite)
-carob chips!
Mmmmm! Toss it into a bag and you have the perfect snack for a long day at school.

But the best part is freedom! You can totally play with different dried fruits and seeds and sprouts and any healthy, yummy snacks you want. I am definately taking a whole bag of this on my next outdoor excersion :) 

xoxo happy hiking!
Lovey FlemingFoodies!