Stay in

When pants just seem impossible…
Go for comfy Boho lounge wear. I have to say that these are incredibly yummy. An Anthropologie Orgigional, the print is by artist Rebecca Rebouche. I really love the little animals and scenes on them, and every look reveals a new unique design. 

This bracelette was a Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend, and I must say, he knows me. "Love Paris Forever". It's so beautiful I wear it every day. And since I journal daily, I have been running out of pages in my previous one. So my mom and I went diary hunting and found this beautiful sketchbook that is perfect for my random writings and doodles. "Fearless" always motivates me.

We're coming up on the last weekend of vacation, so stay in and relax for a day! xoxo

In this look: pants-- anthropologie; tank top-- Abercrombie and Fitch; cardigan-- Abercrombie and Fitch