In Dreams we know the Truth

Don't just dream. 
Live your dreams.

Hey guys! As promised, here is my very own step by step guide on how to make the perfect Dream Board! What a dream board is, is a source of inspiration for you to see every day that will keep you aware and on track of your dreams and goals. Be sure to fill it with lovely things that will make you smile and your day a bit brighter! 

Just start with the materials above, sissors, glue, tape, your favorite (or any) magazines, and sharpies. Flip through the magazines to find words, phrases, letters, and images that relate to you and what you want to keep in mind and accomplish. Or even just things you like! 

Start to spread your cut outs on the board to see where you want them to go. You can have lots of th board showing or none at all. I've seen some as complete collages where everything overlaps. That's  a little chaotic for me, but very cool!

Then start to glue everything down. You can make it in any shape you want, but I usually go for the normal top to bottom.

 Once you're about done with the glueing, you can add words of your own! I created a corner of inspiration for myself, writing don everything that I really want. I like to make things of my own because not only is it more direct, it is also empowering, like you're making your own destiny! 

Previous Dream Boards:

New Addition Finished Product:

Hope this helps you to make a powerful board that will drive you to live your passions. But when you create one, make sure its really filled with things you want. Not things you want for the wrong reasons. Chase passions because you wouldn't be able to live without them. Not because it's impressive to others. 
But that being said, whatever you want for you, go for it head first! 

Wishing everyone beautiful dreams tonight and always <3