Highschool Heart Breaker

<3 I can break your heart if you'll let me <3
 Lovin the vintage rebel school girl vibes <3

This is my dad's old Letterman Jacket from his college (Principia) and I am very grateful to him for letting me wear it often to my own school. It's so cool to wear the real thing.
I wanted to go for rocker/prep-school girl, so I paired short shorts with a button up and knee socks. 
Stuck a pencil in my hair for the completed look.

Would you let me break your heart? xoxo :-*

What I'm wearing: jacket-- vintage; blouse-- Tommy Hilfiger; shorts-- Forever21
Here's my dad in the jacket at school. Handsome isn't he? quite the heart breaker himself in those days. Like father like daughter <3