Extracting the Sweet Tooth

Processed Sugar…
Causes inflamation which leads to many if not all illnesses.
Is an addictive substance that pollutes your taste buds and gives you cravings.
Lowers your immune system.
Creates wrinkles
Clogs up your liver
Can't be turned into energy so it puts on weight.

But mostly, sugar is one of the main causes of acne. I know that every time I have lots of sugar it always bites me with more breakouts. So why do I still do it? What good does cheating do? Is it really worth the five minutes of eating something that will lower your health? And that can be said about a lot of foods and addictions we indulge in. it is your choice, but I’d rather chose something that would make me beautiful. It can be so hard though. It’s just one little piece of chocolate! I can risk it! But junk is junk no matter how small. And one little piece might turn into five a day. I have to remind myself this a lot… but honestly, no treat is worth my skin. If you eat something awful, you're gunna look awful. It's just a rule.

 So New Year’s Resolution! I am going completely off sugar. And I think I can.

Friends who have done this as well keep saying how much weight they’ve lost! 10 lbs in a week! And I remember getting pretty lean when I first gave it up. Also, it will completely clear my skin and if I don’t stress out, no more breakouts should happen! There are so many advantages to giving up this one little ingredient (though it can be found in virtually EVERYTHING now) that I really hope you’ll all try it too!
Together we can pull out that darn sweet tooth
One of my favorite health food restaurants (True Foods). Let's get cooking people! When you make your own meals, you control exactly what goes into it, and your body.
Take this year to celebrate your body with good food and freeing experiences. Doing a little dance party in your room can be a great way to burn those calories too xoxo
Because I believe in you <3

Lovey FlemingHealth