Artsy Folk

My world is inspired by whatever artsy whim I find interesting that week. For the majority of a year, it has been Folk Music and a coffee-house vintage feeling to every day. When ever I can reach my goal of expressing whatever mood I'm in through art or even an outfit, I feel complete :)

This outfit was inspired by this artsy and folky Mountain Mamma town we live in. The people here are all so unique from extreme hippies to old American ranchers. That little mishmash was kind of represented here with the mix of colors that are actually all found in my skirt. 

I love this sweater! One of my most prized Christmas presents this year, from J. Crew. I am partial to patch pockets and just couldn't get enough of this comfy and cute pullover.

Hope you all enjoy the crazy places you live, and realize that though you may not feel like you fit in, it's just one big stew of beauty and life<3

In this look: skirt-- Nordstrom; socks-- A&F; boots-- Steve Madden; sweater-- J. Crew; blouse-- Forever21; hat-- Nordstrom