A YOU day!

Though we love to be out at parties and hitting it up with friends, there will be those days that you need a break just for you. Maybe you have no one to paint the town with, but don't feel abandoned! You can be your own best company. Here's my little guide to help you feel powerful, not alone. Celebrate the person you are! xoxo

Since it's a new year, a fantastic activity on your YOU DAY would  be to make a dream board! Dream boards are brilliant ways for you to motivate yourself and be aware of your goals. Check out my post on a step to step how to of the perfect dream board! xoxo

What's more fun than adorning rediculous amounts of lipgloss??? 
I typically only use Jane Iredale, but I have recieved a collection of gloss from Bare Minerals this holiday, and I just love them! Both of these companies are very good at being as natural as possible so you can have style and health!
I made a little collage of my lip gloss/stick experiments. From pale to dark to classic red, there is no end of silly selfies and primping you can do!

Ugh getting dressed can be sooo annoying! But if you don't want to spend all day in your pjs, go for the alternate choice of super soft, incredibly comfy, boho lounge pants! Not PJS but not real clothes either! I think YES! Check out mine here on Lookbook and here on obeautiful!

Sometimes, the best meditation is just to take up a pen and journal about your day. Release all your thoughts onto a peice of paper. This is one way I write songs, just letting the music flow and trust that lyrics will follow through my hands. You can discover a lot about yourself through writing. 
Or maybe start writing letters to family. If you have a grandparent, I promise that they will love a letter in the mail. Go out and buy some adorable cards to keep on hand any time you are just watching tv or listening to music. Send a love letter to your boyfriend or love interest for a sweet surprise, or a hello to a dear friend over seas! How wonderful to see a card inscribed to you on your doorstep.
Words are powerful things. Be mindful how you use them.

This is a perfect time to get out and excercise. Maybe it's just taking a long walk around your town or neighborhood (oh what I wouldn't do for a walk in the gorgeous woods or mountains right now!) but getting out is a great way to clear your head. I opt for riding my bike, a wonderful way to excercise with minimum impact on your joints and maximum strengthening of the muscles. So get out there lazy bums! Who knows what you might see!

My favorite inspirational blogger babe, Gala Darling, has a brilliant blog with steady feeds on how to reach a greater sense of self love. Self loathing is a big problem amoung women and men alike, but I find that girls have a huge tendency to pick on every single thing about themselves. Well I have loved Gala's postings on everything love. She's so adorable and relatable, I bet that in no time at all, you'll have a growth of love in yourself, the world around you, and a bit of love for her too! xoxo
I adore this post on how to make this year spectacular!

Shout out to all you healthy eaters out there! Super proud of y'all for giving up the toxins in your life! But if you're like me, you're not quite done with having fun. Cookies are my ultimate weakness and there never seem to be any specifically tailored to my needs out there. Soooo, make some yourself! No need to be all veggies all the time! Cookies are a vital food group ;). I'll send you my very own recipe for gluten free, dairy free, sugar free cookies (easily turned vegan with an egg substitute), but feel free to make up your own!!!

Grab the popcorn (or gluten free rice chips, dive under the blanket, cuddle on the couch, and stick in your favorite flick to watch "all by me onezie!"-- directo quote from Captain Jack Sparrow <3. I think I'll try Shakespear In Love as a different option to my usual marathon of Pride and Prejudice. Search your Netflix or Hulu for something new and exciting! Maybe a great foreign film, or a documentary about Organic food! Or one of those crime/adventures everyone likes :) stash the tissues and watch a cheesy chick flick. No matter how you do it, ending with a movie is always a perfect send off to a lovely day. 

Hope this helps anyone with a hankering for a day all to themselves. You could really learn to be your own best friend, and never be lonely again! Tell me how your YOU DAY goes in a comment below! xoxo
Wishing you a lovely week