2014-- A Golden Year

The Beverly Wilshire
 Peeking in a Tiffany window!
We're so cute <3
Happy New Year, Darlings!!! 
2013 was quite a year, and the more I think about it, I keep marvelling at how much happened. Joffrey Ny, recording of songs, braces off, boyfriends, highschool, the list goes on. But, I have this sneaky premonition that 2014 is going to be golden.
I just know that this is the year I will look back on and say, WOW. So I am very excited for this new year, and really hope all of you have the same mindset!

New Year's Eve, my mom and I, plus two wonderful friends, went down to lovely Beverly Hills, to the Beverly Hills Hotel for tea, and then Rodeo Two to look at all the designer shops! I had a blast, and couldn't imagine a better way to kick off the new year. I really wanted to dress up and adorned my homecoming dress-- dressing it down with a jean jacket and hat. 

Hope you all have a completely Brilliant new year!!!