Scream it from the mountain tops

THis weekend, my family, boyfriend, and I all took a gorgeous drive up in the mountains of scenic Ojai, singing christmas songs all the way! This is my absolute thing to do in our tiny village, and it takes my breath away every time. Though it's December, it still looks full on fall here, with the trees all brightly orange and dark red. It was just… heaven. 
Here are some pictures for you all of the journey. Nice to get away for a while-- even if you don't go far.

 Love this view… The sunset isn't bad either!!! ;) ;) ;)

 Long roads lead to great rewards...

I really needed a vacation-- even for 20 minutes. I am just a mountain/nature person and this journey gave me so much happiness just to see all the beauty around us. I think I can face finals week just fine now :)

Go driving. You'll be surprised where the road takes you. xoxo
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