On the town-- Pretty in pink

Let's go down to the Tennis court and talk it out like Yea-- Lorde <3
A girl's favorite words <3

Lovely weekend walking around our magical town. We headed out for breakfast at a vegan and gluten free restaurant called Farmer and the Cook. I had a heavenly lemon poppyseed pumpkin muffin with hot chocolate (made with stevia and coconut milk!). Then in between our christmas shopping at my favorite botiques-- Busy Babes and New Leaf Skin Care-- we did a little bit of shooting at the tennis court bleachers, in the arcade, and in the courtyard outside New Leaf.

I got so many compliments walking around in this look! I have wanted to wear this skirt and jacket together for a while and am very glad at how it turned out! I just love to dress up once in a while!
Lovey <3

In this Look: sweater-- Macys; skirt-- Fred Seagal; Jacket-- Hand me down :) ; shoes-- Urban Outfitters; sheer button up-- Forever21