Los Olivos Lovin'

Words to live by xoxo
And enjoy the view xoxo

What a fabulous day out in Los Olivos CA. A very tiny town consisting of a lot of farms and one street with lovely shops and a whole ton of wineries! Of course olive oil tastings are just fine for me :) 
We had a lovely Organic lunch at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafe-- huge organic burger with organic greens! YUM! And then walked around and did a photo shoot-- coming on blog soon-- and I got a little camera happy… So here's a photo diary of the trip. 

I really love this place, so cute and folksy. You really feel like getting out a huge canvas and painting the gorgeous scenery. Or picking up a guitar and singing "Country roads, take me home!" at the top of your lungs. Such a great get away. Y'all city folk don't know what your missin! 
Of course the fantastic sunsets over the water was something I couldn't help but snap up too xoxo

So come on up to Los Olivos one of these days! See what beauty you will uncover <3

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