Grey Eyed Goddess

My makeup usually consists of a bold cat eye and red lip. But I am not opposed to changing it up once in a while :)
While Xmas shopping this weekend, they were selling Jane Iredale eyeshaddow for $2 each! They had discontinued those colors and had to give them away. Well I snapped up quite a few, including a compact called Sea Foam-- 3 colors of teal, light blue, and brown. I decided to try them on, putting on first the teal on my lid, then the brown in the crease to create a shaddow, and the light blue below my eyebrow for a highlight. It does make my eyes deeper, and looks very mystical without being overdone.

Jane Iredale is a natural mineral makeup company with a huge selection of beauty products from lipgloss to spf to wrinkle treatments. I love all of her stuff, and it's the only makeup I will allow to touch my so-precious-to-me skin! Learn more at

For my hair-- I just love this new do-- I did a tight side braid, folded it over, and just pinned it ontop of my head! Easy peasy! And very vintage, stylish, and cute.

I felt very much like a girl in the 1800s with my pale complexion, except for my dark eyes, and my hair all up and braided. But when I looked back at the pictures, I felt an essence of Athena in them-- the grey eyed Greek goddess of wisdom. Maybe this helped me be wise today during finals!

xoxo be bold in your beauty this week! 
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