Gluten free Pie Crust

I have tried homemade pie crust without wheat or gluten or dairy or sugar (think that's everything…) for quite some time. But I have to say that I never got it quite right. 
I am very happy to announce that my latest discovery has been very successful, and I found the crust to be very similar to "normal" pie crust! Here's my new recipe, hope you all enjoy!
It's easy as Pie!-- 3.1519…

pie crust
¾ cup Bob’s Red Mills all purpose flour
½ cup oat flour (or almond flour)
¼ cup tapioca flour
1 tbsp. salt
½ cup goat butter or substitute (cold)
4 tbsp. coconut milk or substitute
1 tbsp. cold water

Combine the flours and salt in an electric mixing bowl or food processor till it is evenly distributed. Then, add in the cold butter, in small chunks or spoonfuls, one at a time till the flour forms into little balls. Then, add in the tablespoons of coconut milk one at a time, and then the tablespoon of cold water. Mix this very well all together. It should form a batter. Add stevia for flavor.

Take the crust out and knead on a surface. Then transfer it into a pie pan (spread a small amount of coconut oil on the surface beforehand to prevent too much sticking) and push it out from the center and up to the sides. You can do folds or fork marks around the edges of the pie crust. 

Put in the freezer for about 15 mins and then take out and add the filling and bake your pie! Hope this helps for the season of deserts and baking. xoxo

Lovey FlemingFoodies!