December Wonderland

Happy First day of December!-- and my dear, wonderful, fantabulous mother's birthday!
Such a special month riddled with happiness and warm hearts and singing and dancing in the street. Here in sunny California, it gets pretty cold, but no snow. So, here's my winter wonderland, with a beautiful rural farm behind me and the mist creeping up over the majestic black mountains.

Much of my Scotts-Irish heritage shows through in these pictures. I often try to look as UK as possible. I have had this plaid dress from A&F for a year, and have turned it into my go-to for the holidays. These adorable ZiGi girl shoes were an amazing find on sale at Nordstrom's, and I got them in green to add a little spice to my regular ensemble. And of course an old scottish hat of my mother's that she's been wanting me to wear for forever. I thought it would go perfectly with my rainy December get up.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, full of laughter and deep breaths, and love of the beautiful world around us <3

In this look: dress-- Abercrombie and Fitch; Jacket-- Macys; Shoes-- Nordstrom; Tights-- Nordstrom; Hat-- vintage