A Folksy Christmas

I totally love Christmas music and know just about every one and all the words. But, I love a change of tune, so this christmas I have been exploring different versions of Christmas Carols, and have come upon so many great tracks! 

My favorite has to be Spotify's playlist "Folksy Christmas". I am a big folk lover, and complete with a woodsy feel and all my favorite artists, I am in snowy heaven! A great playlist to curl up by a fire to. 

I have also been listening to "A She and Him Christmas" constantly. Zooey Deschanel's smoky vocals and indie rock tracks of all your favorite songs! Great for parties or just getting into the spirit in your room. 

No matter what kind of genres your into, there is bound to be a selection of Christmas songs for it! I have thought about recording some myself, and think that would be so fun to listen to my own versions one year! 
Pump the jams! And jump into the ho ho holidays xoxo

Lovey Flemingthings I love