Olive Oil Tasting-- the preferred alternative for non-alchoholics

When driving along a distant road on the mountain part of our valley, all heads whipped around as we passed a sign advertising "olive oil tasting". Both my parents never drinking alcohol, and my friend and I (also on this adventure) are-- well-- young, olive oil tastings are considered a delicacy in my family. Not to mention that we put this substance on almost EVERYTHING we consume! So, we pull up to this gigantic, gorgeous, tuscan style villa and all of our mouths just drop. A little bit down the driveway is another smaller building with a sign out side that says "Regalo"… Tastebuds in suspense, we couldn't wait to try all they had to offer!

We go in, and it could't have been lovelier! Just bottles and stations of oil of all kinds around a beautifully decorated room.  I loved the blueberry vinaigrette-- like tasting melted berries! And the pressed basil smelled heavenly! But over-all, the Italian Olive Oil was so rich and deep, by far my favorite. 

It may seem odd to just eat olive oil, but it is really a wonderful experience and very tasty! For us gluten free people, we have fun just straight up drinking the oil, instead of using bread-- much better! I encourage all of you to try a tasting sometime, and check out the Regalo olive oil website. Delicious-- pesticide free!-- olive oil, pressed right here in Ojai! 
xoxo Have a lovely Sunday! 
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