Ojai Film Festival 2013

Ojai Film Festival 2013!

I had such a lovely time at the Ojai Film Festival this weekend up in the beautiful town of Ojai California. So many wonderful films, panels, and workshops, it was hard to decide what to do! I attended two environmental film screenings, through the Festival's environmental program-- Focus Earth-- by name of Pandora's Promise, and The Devil's Dilemma, about the different stances on nuclear power. Very interesting, and it really changed my perspective. I attended two workshops-- Teen sitcom acting workshop taught by ActTrue and casting director Carol Goldwasser, and a voice over workshop taught by casting director Terry Berland. I love going to workshops each year, and really growing and learning about the craft of acting. At the same time getting to be in front of a top Disney casting director-- how fun! I applaud all my fellow students who performed with me.

I also sat in on the actor's panel-- featuring Sherly Knight, who was awarded the lifetime achievement award for acting by the festival this year, Leslie Nicole, Downton Abbey, Paul Blackthorn, Arrow, Cassie Scerbo, Make it or Break it, and Marc Durso, esteemed acting coach (ActTrue). Carol Goldwasser provided the point of view of the people on the other side of the table, and it was really wonderful getting the input and advice of these talented and successful professionals. It's great each year to see how human and approachable these very well known actor and actresses are-- not at all the stuffy, distant people we assume in our minds. I hope to be as great an artist as they some day soon!

Cozy little Ojai is a great location to get away from Hollywood, and the festival really focuses on the art and filmmakers in the business, not the usual razzle-dazzle of film festivals. It is a very humble, yet professional environment where people can just enjoy a relaxing weekend of "Enriching the human spirit".

It was great getting to hang with my father, the executive director of the Ojai Film Festival, who got me special access to all the hot spots.

Overall, I'd say this was a very successful year, and I am so thankful to all of you who came out for the festival. I hope you really were able to enjoy yourselves and support these films and this organization. Special thanks to ActTrue, and all our guests and speakers. We loved having you, and welcoming you as friends. May the rest of your year be touched by some of the motivational films you saw, or the inspirational people you've met. 
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