Je t'aime l'automne

Hooray for Autumn! Though the season came a little late this year, I am still loving the leaves and chill in the air. It's commin' on Christmas, but I'll be celebrating Turkey Day first. 
In my look, I went for a very vintage, English school girl look-- which I adore and love to wear in any season. Long skirts with a button up collar and cashmere cardigan has got to be one of my most fond of outfits.
In this look: sheer button down-- Forever21; everything else-- VINTAGE! 

My lovely, dear friend Aliyah joined me for a bit of dress up, and taking a quick shopping spree through my closet, emerged in a very unique twist on my usual style. I would explain her as spunky, edgy, but sweet and classic. I always love to do shoots with a friend, makes the whole thing so much more fun. Not to mention when she is an amazing (soon to be professional) photographer!
It's time for our close-ups!

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving and will be planning quite the feast for my family which I would love to share with you all! Have a fantastic week off, and remember to vivre, l'amour, rire!