Give Thanks and Rest

Be Grateful = Be Happy
In my school, we have a ton of stress and pressure which comes with outstanding academics and expectations. But as much of a workload they give us, we are also provided with an amazing support team of teachers and staff that tell us to take time for ourselves. They employe us to take this holiday weekend to do absolutely nothing, and just let our minds rest. It's hard for me to really do that, and I find myself complaining about how I am never able to just do nothing, and then when I get the chance, I can't. I start doing something else. I thrive on productivity-- which isn't bad. But I promise myself that I will let go of ambitions and self imposed stress and just breathe, be, and let my mind go. It's more important than you think.

Another thing my school has focused on is gratitude. Thanksgiving is literally a time for giving thanks, as I hope you all figured out by yourselves (it's kind of in the name). We were shown this video in an assembly this week, and it really made me think about how being grateful can affect your overall happiness. 

For one, I am so incredibly grateful that I, and many of us, have a situation where I can buy an enormous amount of food for up to or over $100 just for one meal on one night. Pretty spectacular if you think about it. I am grateful for the things I dislike or am not content with, because they will push me to be better, and I am lucky to have things I can complain about, or lessons I don't want to go to. 

Everything around us is a blessing. 
Take this holiday literally, and give thanks to the lord our prayers. Give thanks to anyone, anything. But find the happiness inside of you tomorrow, this weekend, and forever. 

I can look at a fallen leaf and either see something dying, or a beautiful picture of nature that has given it's life to help me breathe. 


I have collected several "Gratitude Rocks" over the years, and I like them because they're just a little reminder to be grateful every day. Well, I will be cooking a 4 course meal tomorrow all by my little self, and will upload pictures to you this weekend. Have a truly blessed Thanks Giving! xoxo

Lovey Flemingthings I love