Sick Day Playlist

By eating so purely these past years, I have been able to avoid getting very sick often. But with the stress of high school and lack of sleep, I have been defenseless against a cold that has been going around. Bedridden for the second day now, I'm extremely bummed to be missing school, but know that the most important thing is to take care of my very delicate system. This is a great time though to just relax-- something I haven't done since I got back from New York-- and listen to amazing and calming music. 

I have taken the time to make a little playlist of some of the songs I've been listening to lately. Most of these aren't on my iPod, for I like to listen to a wider array of music when I can rather than just stick to my favorites. But I love them all. Music really can heal you. 

They are all very similar in style and rhythm, but I find that the slower more emotional songs have a better calming effect.
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xoxo listen well <3