Pumpkin carving!

YAY OMG HALLOWEEN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! The absolute best way to prepare is to gather up a few beautiful pumpkins from your local organic pumpkin farm-- omg ORGANIC PUMPKINGS! Amazing!-- and with your professional knife collection, cut some adorable faces into your vegetable/fruit/things! :D
I am not the best at carving, so I had my very strong boy-friend help-- but I got to play with the guts! :) 
We first set up a clear space outside on a trash bag and newspapers. Be sure to have another trash bag for the guts and unwanted pieces! Then, cut out a lid all the away around the top of the pumpkin. Lift this when you can, and scrape out all the guts from inside. Save the seeds for delicious roasted pumpkin seeds (recipe coming soon!). When the insides were all pretty, I drew sharpie in the outline I wanted, and then had him cut the edges till vuala! A lovely shape appeared!



No it's not a face… But I really wanted a pumpkin that said LOVEY! Haha so you can be creative and not just do the typical designs-- but those are amazing too. This weekend, maybe throw a pumpkin carving party with your friends! Or just yourself ;)
Happy Haunting xoxo
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