Nerium Love

Once upon a time, back in my acne days, when my mom was still desperately looking for an antidote to help the huge deep scars and dents across my face, a friend called her with a suggestion. She told her about a product that was new, but growing very very quickly, and taking our little town by storm. People were out selling it in the streets and almost everyone had heard about it (in our town, it's actually pretty new to most people). Well our friend raved about the results of the product, saying it totally cleared her daughter's acne and scars. My mom took a sample, but put it on herself first to make sure it wouldn't harm me. Pretty soon, she started noticing miraculous changes in her skin. But she had never had a blemish in her life. No, it was her wrinkles and dark spots that disappeared (But she hardly has any, beautiful lady), and she felt her skin tightening and smoothing. She was so excited that she started to use it more, and each week-- day even-- her skin improved. 

Seeing that it was not only safe to use, but did cause results. she had me put it on, and soon enough, my blemishes started to disappear. But it was really my scars and pits that were the miracle. They went from being deep and very visible, to filled out, smooth, and turned my skin virtually flawless.

She contacted the woman who gave it to her, and branded in the company as a partner. Now she can share this skin miracle with others in need.

The product's name is Nerium. NeriumAD. Created from the Nerium Oleander plant, scientists discovered the plant's age defying treatment. Don't worry, no poison is in the product, it is very carefully extracted from the leaf and subjected to a thorough process before it is given to you in your little silver bottle. It works for a number of skin treatments and heals all your ailments at once. A little goes a long way too-- just one squirt can be used on your whole face (you wet your hands first so it spreads well). Well worth a look, go to the Nerium website for more information and how to become a brand partner in the company, or just try the product.

I owe so much to Nerium, and am so thrilled at what it has done for me. You can contact (message) my mom on Facebook for more on our experience or how to get product for yourself. 

Love is all you need
(and Nerium!)
Lovey FlemingHealth