I just can't get enough

To start October off (the ultimate BEST month of the year!!!) here's a post of things I just can't get enough of.

I admire and love this artist so much, listening to hardly anything else. I am really finding my own style and realized that I have a hidden hip hop edge that I discovered when I was jamming to her tracks. Only 16 and on top of the music scene! I think she has a great sound and recommend checking out her albums Love Club and Pure Heroine.
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Just because something is so called "in the mainstream", doesn't mean it isn't good. I hope that one day I am a popular artist, and it would be pretty sad if the only reason people didn't like me was because I was mainstream-- having success… 
I thought this was amazing <3
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Hipsters: Don't hate because it's popular. Hate because you deeply dislike it. But don't hate at all. Hating is bad. Only loving allowed here

This amazing fragrance just gets better. I love the entire line and have been a proud wearer for over a year. Everywhere I go people will always comment on my mom's scent, French Lime Blossom. I am in love with their newest product, Peony and Blush. So sweet and delicious, but also bright and subtle. A very feminine aura, and captures brilliantly "the essence of charm", as the company claims. They are also a very natural line and pure. All Joe Malone is available at Nordstrom, so stop and smell the roses one of these days-- they have a great scent called Red Roses; very romantic.
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The opportunities are endless with this fall vegetable?/fruit?-- whatever it is, I just can't get enough! If you're like me, and everything about fall makes you endlessly happy, then you know you need to go to the nearest patch and buy a truckload of pumpkins right now! From jack-o-lanterns, to bread, soup, cake, cookies, and coffee, I hope you fill your month with a ridiculous amount of pumpkins! 
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Yes, I am a big song of the fan, but also the literal sense of it! Mmm nothing could be better than a big chunky knit and a cup of tea with a book on a rainy day… Just me? Ah well :) I cannot wait for the chilly days ahead and am planning my sweater outfits for blogging :D Patch sleeved, striped, polka dotted, layered, color blocked, there is no such thing as a bad sweater-- soooo untrue but let's pretend ;) But the point is, sweaters rock. Wear them...
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There are many more amazing things I am loving every day, but here are a short few. If I think of more I might add them later on… SO I hope everyone plans to have a spectacular October, because I sure do! Best month ever…
Haha love you ALL! 
Fall has fallen. xoxo