Coming Home (Homecoming!)

Homecoming's here! As my first Homecoming ever, I am extremely excited. Last week, my mom and I went on quite an Odyssey looking for a dress that was perfect. Now I have some high standards, as you may know… It had to be flowy and poufy, but not ridiculous; pink, red, or black; NO sparkles or sequins, preferably long, but short was acceptable too; and last but not least, it had to make me feel like a princess. Other than that, I wasn't too picky…
As it turns out, I fell in love with something that was not quite up to par with my criteria… But thats ok! It's a good idea to keep an open mind-- you might be surprised as to what jumps out at you!

Though it isn't senior prom or anything, Homecoming has proved to be a big deal. You need jewelry, a dress, shoes, the right clutch, hair and makeup, and glamor galore! Ah! But instead of having a pre-dance freakout, I am keeping it cool, and just going with whatever I have on hand. No need to go out and spend a fortune on accessories for your already expensive dress. Borrow bracelets from your mom, antique necklaces, hose… Do something simple with your hair instead of spending hours laboring over the perfect curl or straightening it to death. 

I did a simple bun up on my head, which proved great for the hot crowded dance floor. My dress was gold/bronze with a sequin bodice and a tulle tutu that twirled as I whirled to the music all night! I went very vintage and classic for my look, clip on pearl earrings from the 50's (borrowed from my wonderful friend) and pearl necklace, soft cat eye, and red lips. My adorable date wore a matching tie, and we really looked great together!

SO remember: Don't stress about the dress, wear something borrowed, and have a mindless crazy extraordinary time!!! xoxoxo