When one door closes...

Another one opens…

Sometimes there is nothing more elegant than a beautiful door. It is the entrance to your home, so many times it is a reflection of the home itself. Or maybe that was the only color Home Depot carried so thats what you chose ;)
But doors in our lives are constantly being shut or opened for us as we make all of the millions of choices every second. It is amazing how every little thing we do effects our ultimate path. I tend to try and open many opportunities for myself. But maybe it is even better to just walk along the lane and see who calls you into their home, tray of cookies in hand. 

I love how English this look is, and am very much enjoying pretending to have a pixie cut! As September ends, we come into my all time FAVORITE month ever… October! When the weather gets chillier, nothing's better than a comfy cropped knit sweater! And a striped button up is a layering must-- as collars make everything look better

Have a lovely weekend all! xoxo
In this look: sweater and oxford button up-- Abercrombie & Fitch; Oxford shoes-- Nordstrom; skirt-- thrift shop
Lovey FlemingStyle in Spades