Macha Madness

Mmmmmmm I love hot steamy foamy drinks in the morning :)
Probably the only reason I am able to be sociable before noon! And I'll tell u a secret: I cannot abide coffee… I do it sometimes just because, but truly it makes me gag… So I am a big tea girl. My mom is a Starbucks-aholic with a craving for green tea lattes. But to save expenses, we have been experimenting with our own homemade concoctions. Green tea is very dear to both our hearts, so we flipped over our discovery of green tea Matcha powder. So rich and creamy frothed up with coconut milk and stevia is a better wake up drink than anything at your favorite coffee house-- well, healthier at least… 
I seriously recommend going out and trying some. :)

Directions: Boil filtered water and pour halfway into a mug (you can also mix it in a bowl first if it is easier. Then take a little tablespoon of powder and whisk in with the water until smooth. Froth or heat up some coconut milk and pour into your cup with the Matcha liquid. Add stevia to taste and mix. Enjoy!!!
Lovey FlemingFoodies!