J'adore Septembre

Happy September everyone! 

A month of football games, warm days and cooler nights, love songs, and changing colors. I am very excited for this month and see lots of wonderful things in store. As it is the first real month of autumn, my favorite time of year, I want to take September as a time to start all the things I love again.

Maybe this is a month of starting something new for you. Take up a new hobby!  A new book, new obsession, new meditation. Challenge yourself to do something different, and have no fear in your daily life. Take a risk and open your heart to everything new and exciting. Don't worry about the newest fall trend, find your own trends! Be brave and bold and bright. 

 Time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older too. I took my love and I took it down, climbed a mountain and I turned around. Can you see my reflection in a snow covered hill. Well the landslide'll bring it down.

Just remember that you're fabulous, no matter what <3 

Lovey Flemingthings I love