Green Blue

Nails are amazingly fun. You can do multi colored, patterned, plain, solid, nude, or crazy sparkles. The options are just endless! I am generally a solid red kinda girl, but I like getting wild sometimes ;) 
No this look I'm sporting is not really wild at all, but I just loved the way the colors made me feel that I took started taking random photos! Yay! Fun activity for sleepovers… 
It's great when you find colors or add ons that represent yourself and your mood. I find that darker shades make me feel powerful, while light colors a bit more, well, light and airy. I recommend painting your nails, as it really makes your hands look prettier. Especially feet… it does wonders for beat up gross feet… 
You need to be careful though, because you don't want a bunch of chemicals on your hands that can get transferred to your face and skin. My favorite brand of polish is SPARITUAL. 
This natural paint is absolutely beautiful when applied, and is pretty healthy. It is VEGAN, FREE OF DBP, FORMALDEHYDE RESIN, AND TOLUENE. 

Mani Pettis! But keep to the naturals :-*
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