A Vertical Garden

These amazing contraptions are Hydroponics. They come in various  shapes and sizes and are just absolute miracles. In a nutshell, they're vertical gardens. Complete with soil pockets and a built in watering system, these devices make it so that anyone, anywhere can grow their own food. You could easily stick this in an apartment balcony, and pretty much any outside space that is cramped or  bare of soil. It is really quite amazing to see this white pillar just exploding with veggies, and I must say that our produce has never been so successful! We haven't bought vegetables at a market in months, and it is just the coolest thing to go shopping right outside your window. All organic lettuces, zucchini, and chard of the most diverse kind, we have field salads of every type twice a day! And our supply has yet to run low. I am so impressed with the Hydroponics and really encourage all of you who don't think they have room for a garden to really check one out!

Grow your own food!!! xoxo